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Toynbee Predicted Privatization

20 Mar

In the 1930’s the great historian Arnold Toynbee observed in his masterpiece, A Study of History:

“The bread of universal education is no sooner cast upon the waters than a shoal of sharks arises from the depths and devours the children’s bread under the educator’s very eyes.”

Common Core State Standards are precisely the vehicle of enormity for public education in America Toynbee saw appear repeatedly in civilizations in decline. I seriously doubt this destruction will end with closing public schools in only poor neighborhoods. The privatization of public education is leading to purblind bourgeois operators whose prodigal salaries will be matched by the degenerated weal of local communities.  The foundation of American society was the great public education system that has been under relentless attack since “Nation at Risk” in 1983. Greed is the motive for this attack!